Circle of Parents groups can exist anywhere in the community that is accessible and open to parents. Typically groups are in family resource centers, schools, health clinics, etc.


Circle of Parents groups typically meet once a week, at no cost to any participant. Weekly and consistent attendance is encouraged to assist in developing a support network and increase comfort within the group.


Circle of Parents groups are facilitated and led by a facilitator and parent lead. Both the facilitator and parent lead receive training and continuous support and technical assistance from the Circle of Parents Program Manager.


Groups are open-ended and the topics are at the discretion of the group itself with the guidance from the parent lead and facilitator.

Focus Area:

The Circle of Parents model is adaptable to meet general or specialized needs of family demographics. For example, there are groups for parents in recovery, parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fatherhood groups, groups for grandparents as caregivers, etc.