Illuminate colorado

Illuminate Colorado leads the state chapter of Circle of Parents® in Colorado.

Illuminate Colorado is a statewide 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing child maltreatment and building brighter childhoods through education, advocacy, and family support. With a research-based approach that emphasizes building Protective Factors in families, Illuminate works to address systemic and multi-sector issues affecting the well-being of children, collaborating with partners at the state and national level to develop powerful programs, policies, and initiatives that keep kids safe.

Circle of Parents® in Colorado

Families First, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide services which strengthen families, empower parents, nurture children, and end the cycle of child abuse and neglect, started the first Circle of Parents® group in Colorado. For more than 30 years, Families First developed the program and supported countless parents in raising their children.

In 2018, Families First, Family Resource Center Association and Illuminate Colorado joined together to provide Circle of Parents® groups around the State of Colorado and ensure all parents have the opportunity to build social connections with other parents. In July of 2019, Illuminate Colorado assumed the role of leading the state chapter. The support and collaboration of Families First and the Family Resource Center Association throughout this transition has been invaluable.

Today, Illuminate Colorado is focused on growing Circle of Parents® in Colorado. Illuminate plans to expand the network, add new groups, strengthen existing programs and develop new family support initiatives.

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