Circle of Parents® is an evidence-informed model shown to improve the resiliency in children by increasing the Protective Factors in their environment through a support group for caregivers.

Protective Factors:

Parental Resilience

Social Connections

Concrete Support in Times of Need

Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development

Social & Emotional Well-being of Children





Shared Ideas

Shared Support


Evidence-Informed Model:

  • Utilizes the mutual self-help support model

  • Trains a group facilitator and parent leader to facilitate the support groups

Welcoming, Adaptable, & Reliable:

  • Groups meet regularly at no cost to any participant

  • The model can be adjusted to meet general or specialized needs of group demographics.

  • Groups are confidential and conducted in a non-judgmental environment within the limits of the law

  • Community resource information that supports healthy family development is available to all group members.